Austrians urged to quit cars for Lent

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Feb 2016

Austrian sustainable mobility organisation VCÖ has joined with the country’s Catholic and Protestant churches to launch a campaign to get people travelling less by car in the weeks running up to Easter.

The Autofasten campaign, which kicked-off yesterday, is asking families to walk, cycle and travel on public transport during Lent, which is between 11 February and 26 March.

Organisers are encouraging people to take part in a number of initiatives, including walking rather than driving to church, planning car-free Easter vacations, and approaching their employers about car-free initiatives for workers.

A number of prizes are on offer for people taking part, including an all-expenses weekend away to a bio-hotel resort.

The Autofasten website includes a ‘Fasting Calculator’ that shows individuals how much they have saved in CO2 emissions and travel costs, and a forum where participants can share their experiences.

VCÖ is also offering those who sign up to the campaign free insurance for non-motorised travel.

Austria’s Environment Minister, Andrä Rupprechter, said: ‘The transport sector is still one of the main sources for greenhouse gas emissions, making it our number one problem.  We urgently need a mobility change. Everyone can contribute to protecting the climate through acts such as Autofasten.’

For more information on the campaign, visit (in German).

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