Amsterdam to triple EV charging points by 2018 (Netherlands)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 16 Jul 2015

Amsterdam has launched a tender to select a contractor that will triple its number of electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations by 2018.

The city already has the biggest charging network in the Netherlands, with 1 300 charging stations spread out across the city.

The city therefore aims to have 4 000 charging stations operating in the city in three years time.

The tender states that ease of use and technical innovations such as smart charging are required for the new stations.

Smart charging means that the charging stations can also take energy stored in EV batteries and supply it back to the electric grid, saving energy and money in the process.

Every month Amsterdam's 5 000 electric car users (a quarter of the total in the Netherlands) travel almost 1.5 million kilometres.

Amsterdam's strategy of providing an accessible and widespread network of EV charging stations is being copied by other large Dutch cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

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Image copyright: 'Car2Go' (photo on Flickr) by "FaceMePLS", CC BY 2.0

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