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Amsterdam opens new metro line

By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 02 Aug 2018

The City of Amsterdam has opened the Noord/Zuid route, a metro line that connects the city’s North and South. Despite becoming a symbol for costly and delayed infrastructure projects, the new trajectory will have a large significance for mobility and urban development in the Dutch capital.

The line will accommodate an enormous growth of traveller flows, particularly from outside Amsterdam. City planners expect soaring numbers of commuters, students, festival and congress visitors and especially tourists. Yearly, 17 million tourists visit Amsterdam. They are particularly interested in touristic sites along the line.

Commentators have argued for future connections between Noord/Zuid-route and nearby locations such as Uithoorn, Purmerend, Almere and Schiphol Airport. Other parts of Amsterdam have flourished thanks to such new metro connections, such as the Bijlmer area. This has became a popular place for employment, cinema, concerts and football.

Find the official website here.


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Image source: © sevenMaps7/ Shutterstock

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