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  • This publication, produced by the New Zealand Transport Authority, records physical statistics, works completed, expenditure details and roughness data on local roads and state highways. 

    National Sources
  • AirBase is the European air quality database maintained by the EEA through its European topic centre on air pollution and climate change mitigation. It contains air quality monitoring data and information submitted by participating countries throughout Europe. 

    The air quality database...

    European Sources
  • Under the topics of urban development and infrastructure, the World Bank provides a large amount of transport-related data.

    A special feature allows comparison between different countries. Indicators include number of motor cars, PM emissions, road-sector energy consumption and vehicle...

    Global Sources
  • The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has carried out a global comparison of light-duty vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards.

    The ICCT developed a methodology to normalise the different driving test cycles adopted worldwide to allow a consistent ...

    Global Sources
  • The Public Transportation Fact Book, published annually, contains national aggregate statistical data covering all aspects of the transit industry in the United States and Canada.

    Major sections include an overview of U.S. transit facts, transit finances and operating statistics by modes...

    National Sources
  • The UK's Department of Transport provides a large amount of statistics for a wide field in transport.

    Within the scope of national statistics, it provides an accurate, comprehensive and meaningful picture of transport patronage in the UK.

    In many cases, statistical publications...

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  • This site contains a compilation of panel survey results about mode choice for German and international cities, administrative districts and rural areas. Data is often available for several years.

    The EPOMM project's TEMS tool also shows...

    National Sources
  • The EPOMM project's TEMS tool aims to show the transport modal split of all cities in the EU with more than 100 000 inhabitants, of which there are more than 600.

    It also contains a number of modal splits from non-European cities and European cities with fewer than 100 000 inhabitants....

    European Sources
  • The International Transport Forum (ITF) has collected and published data on investment and maintenance expenditure in transport infrastructure since the late 1970s. The latest survey covers 1995-2011.

    In order to draw-up a summary of aggregate trends for selected countries, data has...

  • The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology collects annual mobility data  for Germany by order of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. 

    The data contains information about drivers license holders, car availability, output, traffic volume and travelling...

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