ITF: Spending on Transport Infrastructure 1995-2011

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Jul 2015

The International Transport Forum (ITF) has collected and published data on investment and maintenance expenditure in transport infrastructure since the late 1970s. The latest survey covers 1995-2011.

In order to draw-up a summary of aggregate trends for selected countries, data has been calculated in Euros at both constant (2005) and current prices. In preparation for the ITF’s 2013 Summit on Funding Transport a survey was carried out to collect information on transport policies in ITF member countries and the information obtained is also summarised in the current report.

The topics covered in the questionnaire include infrastructure performance indicators, major projects, funding and strategic plans. Over 30 countries responded to the survey.

The present report presents aggregate trends in inland transport infrastructure investment and maintenance since 1995 in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 presents some broad conclusions from the survey on transport policies. The Annex presents statistical tables on transport infrastructure investment and maintenance in ITF member countries for the period 1995-2011.

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