Workplace Mobility Plan in the transport department of the regional department of the province of Styria (Austria)

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015

The pilot project „A18 Workplace Mobility Plan started in 2007. Within the project, several measures focused on bike and public transport were implemented e.g. discounted PT tickets, individual mobility consultations as well as the purchase of company bikes.

Background & Objectives


To attempt the reduction of self-created ecological, economical and social traffic results, the worked out measures of the mobility plan get implemented since 2007.

The general aim of the Workplace Mobility Plan in the Department A18 is to improve the choice of transportation in favour of cycling, walking and public transport. Specifically it is intended that the percentage of cycle traffic alone should exceed the percentage of motorized individual transport in the next few years.

In the long-term it is planned to implement the Workplace Mobility Plan in all departments of Styria. That concerns around 8000 employees. Experiences, gained initially in the traffic department, are of vital importance for the whole process.




As a first step a mobility survey was carried out amongst the 300 staff members of Department A18. The survey facilitates the possibility to analyse future changes in mobility behaviour.

Afterwards the mobility plan with definite measures was worked out. Due to the multitude of offers, there’s something to choose from for every staff member:
• Individual mobility consultations for all employees in Styria (approx. 8.000 employees)
• The website and current newsletters on the intranet of the agency for all employees in Styria regarding bike- and public transport
• Discounted PT tickets for travels to and from work
• Providing season public transport tickets for business trips
• 11 company bikes including helmet and rainwear for daily travel (further 20 bikes were purchased in other departments due to the good experience of A18 )
• two bicycle parking areas and one shower for bikers will get installed
• Info-Package for all employees (new hires)

Furthermore, the Workplace Mobility Plan demonstrates the advantages of cycling and public transport. Therefore several activities were offered, like company outings of the department by bike and train, and the participation in competitions e.g.:
• „Wer radelt gewinnt“ (if you cycle, you win), a competition aiming to cover at least half of all travels with the bike, and
• „Autofasten“ (car fasting) a competition with the objective to abstain from driving a car during lend




The increase in the number of participants at events like e.g. „Wer radelt gewinnt“ (2007 - 40 participants; 2008 - 166 participants from the agency) is a measurable indicator for the increasingly positive response to the mobility management.

Furthermore, already 500 employees have participated in individual mobility consultations offered by the Region of Styria (March 2009).


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