“Weizer Fahrradbörse” - Exchange of second hand bicycles

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

In Weiz (Austria), an exchange of second-hand bikes was organised in the car-free area of the city in spring. The main goal is on the one hand to make it possible that you can buy a cheap bike and on the other hand to advertise cycling in Weiz.

Background & Objectives

Too many people use their cars even for short distances, which is the reason for frequent traffic jams and noise in the city. It causes a lot of environmental problems and leads to different health problems as well, due to a lack of physical movement.
The main objectives of this project are:

  • Offering second-hand bikes at a very cheap price.
  • Showing that cycling is an important matter and is promoted by the municipality.
  • Rising figures of visitors from outside of Weiz in the pedestrian zone: People from the neighbouring communities come to sell and buy bikes. While waiting for the money for their bikes they go shopping or visit pubs.
  • There is also a social aspect in this event: many people with low income cannot afford to buy new bikes, especially for their children.


The best date for an exchange like this is the Saturday before holidays, because parents can buy cheap bikes for their children as a present (e.g at Easter or for the holidays). In the morning people can take their bicycles (or cycling accessories, scooters, roller-skates etc.) to the main square in the car-free area in the center of Weiz.>A number and the price is stuck on it. Volontary helpers write down the name and the number of one's bike. Then it is put out for sale. At noon people return for receiving the money for the sold items. A charge of 10% is kept for the exchange service.

The sales are partialy performed by the municipality's politicians.



Most of the bikes and accessories (about 150 all together) are regulary sold. More than 80% of the bikes are of the size of children bicycles.
A successful implementation needs:

  • Good cooperation with the city-marketing manager
  • Good time for a bike exchange (close to holidays or easter)
  • Good contacts with schools and kindergartens (each child got a leaflet with an invitation to the event)
  • Good contacts with media for advertisement

This campaign also exists in Switzerland where bicycle salesmen get the possibility to sell their phase-out models and private individuals can sell their second-hand bicycles.

The bicycle exchange market is a project inside of the INTERREG III B Alpine Space project VIANOVA. Further information on the programme can be found on Website ViaNova

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