Walk to school together (Lausanne. Switzerland)

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015

The Walking bus" is an initiative startet in 1999 in Lausanne. Adults accompany a group of pupils on their way to school.

Background & Objectives

Working parents are often confronted with the question how they can bring their children to school without using the care but still not coming late to work. The "Walking bus" is the perfect solution to this problem. It's a safe way for children to come to school and also supports the social contact between the parent and the kids. Furthermore walking to school is very healthy for the children.>


A "Walking bus" is formed when a group of parents comes together to organize and plan the way to school of their children. The participating children wait at a certain meeting point which is marked by a sign adn there are maps created for the different ways to school. Thereby different lines are created. There were also info sheets written for the parents. To spark interest in the initiative of the "Walking bus" there are several events organized throughout the year.


In the year 2005 22 "Walking bus" lines existed in Lausanne with which nine school can be reached. The line are nearly 10 km long and the project has been started in other Swiss sities too. In Geneva more than 30 Walking buses exist.

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