„Using world-wide well established days to promote sustainable modes of transport in Maribor. Slovenia“

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The Municipality of Maribor links actions promoting alternative means of transport with internationally celebrated days, e.g. Earth day, Environmental day and European mobility week. On these days citizens are invited to co-operate on round tables, trips, competitions and other different presentations.

Background & Objectives

The City of Maribor has a relatively well established Public Transport System and passable bicycle network infrastructure. However, both of these transport systems suffered from an inefficient degree of capacity utilization because they are often labelled with negative images and poverty. To change this fact and raise the image of these means of transport the Municipality of Maribor, in cooperation with the project Added Value, decided to carry out image-raising activities on well established international days. e.g. World Enviromental Protection Day, World Earth Day and the European Mobility Week. The informative and awareness raising activities targeted all generations from kindergartens to senior citizens. Many of the activities were performed by the Municipality of Maribor (MOM) and the Association of friends of youth Maribor (MOPA).


On World Environmental Day (June 5th) the following activities were carried out:

  • Creative Workshops for children
  • 3 primary schools demonstrated their activities connected with environmental protection, emphasising sustainable mobility
  • Round table with invited politicians, pupils, experts and the public on the topic of Air Quality protection and sustainable mobility in the area of Maribor.
  • 105 kindergarten children took part in a didactically processed theme while exploring the city by walking.
  • The wizard Grega - environmental protection for the youngest - with almost 1000 citizens participating in the action

During European Mobility week the activities included:

  • “Cross-border trespassing information system” deals with the establishment of a website about passenger traffic between Graz (Austria) and Maribor (Slovenia)
  • Round table discussions about mobility
  • World revolves on wheels included free rental of inline-skates and introduction of different types of bikes for pupils from primary schools.
  • Day of health included presentations on a healthy life style, measurements of cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure, Nordic walking
  • ”TOTI” Runnings was an organised run through city park.
  • A trip to the city of Ptuj by train - organized special train ride from Maribor to Ptuj with many attractions.
  • Day without a car - day of public transport
  • Info point in the city centre


Some of the offered activities received a lot of attention and they will be continued in the future. Not so much interest was shown in the Round-table and lectures, therefore, they will not be held again in the same format.
In total approximately 2700 people took part in the events, which, although constituting only for 2,5% of the total number of inhabitant, was regarded a success.
For next year it is planned to have more media attention and political support for these events and more interesting and innovative approaches will be used.


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