Urban Troll - A Mobility Game for Children in Austria

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015

Urban troll is a quiz for children aged 9 and older, in which they answer questions about the history of mobility, the environment and sport. The purpose of the game is to educate children about the causes and effects of the complex system of transport in a fun way.

Background & Objectives


Educational objectives: The Urban Troll character is a strongly positive role model for road safety education. Unlike previous characters in this area, the Urban Troll does not only encourage children and young adults to adapt to existing traffic situations, but also challenges them to consider cause and effect in the context of road traffic in a fun way. The Troll is an effective tool for use with children because they identify with him as a role model who behaves in a similar way to them, radiates a spirit of adventure and desire to explore, discovers problems and offers concrete options for action. Unlike other road safety figures who fulfil the role of a teacher, the Troll’s situation is similar to that of the children themselves.




Children’s everyday experiences and impressions form their transport attitudes and mobility behaviour in later life. In order for them to retain an environmentally aware, road-safe behaviour as adults (as far as mobility is concerned, children are the most environmentally-friendly section of the population) it is important that they are encouraged to think in a responsible way about mobility issues in the long term.>This can only be done by targeting smart information and publicity strategies towards children and young adults and by providing them with a broad base of information about the complex subject of “mobility” from an early age. It is the aim of Urban Troll to improve the road safety of children by broadening their knowledge in a hands-on and exciting way and to achieve lasting changes in attitudes and behaviour. The key aspects of the Urban Troll game are fun and a sense of achievement, curiosity, fascination and the desire to understand, experience and learn. The game, which is designed to be easily understood and takes into account the latest ideas on learning through play, is intended to motivate children to develop a sustainable and environmentally-friendly mobility behaviour.




2,500 copies of the games “Urban Troll” and “Urban Troll 2 - The Traps of the Grey Gnome” were produced and distributed to primary, secondary and grammar schools throughout Austria. In addition, children and youth organisations as well as day care centres also received copies of the game.
The Austrian Ministry of Education made the following qualitative comment about the first game: “This board game makes a valuable contribution to modern methods of road safety education.”


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