TRAFFIC SNAKE GAME - a travel awareness campaign (Austria)

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The Traffic Snake Game is the core instrument of mobility management for schools. It is an awareness raising campaign for mobility and health behaviour and fit to be played in any school. “Getting to school in an eco-friendly, healthy and safe way” is the topic of the Traffic Snake Game which takes one week to be played and is set to motivate the children and teachers alike to primarily walk and/or cycle to school.

Background & Objectives

The transport sector accounts for approx. 30% of the EU’s energy consumption, and approx. 60% of the EU’s oil consumption is related to road traffic. Car journeys to school form an increasingly large share of the overall volume of road traffic. Tendency is upward. Children are the losers of this alleged “mobility gain”. Beside safety, health, motor and social development the freedom to move and the independent mobility of our children also suffers massively. With its school mobility management projects, FGM-AMOR aims to reduce this share by promoting the shift to more environmentally friendly methods that use less energy, and seeks ways to improve transport safety and increase the mobility skills and health of school children. Since 2005 FGM-AMOR has organised the Traffic Snake Game with government aid.


The Traffic Snake Game provides fun and entertainment and at the same time helps to raise children’s awareness of mobility choices and healthy behaviour. Through the game, pupils, teachers and parents are encouraged to mostly travel to school by foot, bicycle or public transport.>It is a haptic game which is based on a hands-on minds-on approach. After a survey on how children get to school each class sets their own target, to cut down on a certain number of car journeys and to walk or cycle to school instead. For achieved aims children get round playing cards that are fastened to the traffic snake on the big banner. Learning in a playful way makes one’s way to school an adventurous and activity laden experience again. Moreover, the team spirit is raised in class since everysingle child is motivated to take part. The game is all about fun and not so much about competition.


Since 2005, overall throughout Austria approx.11.000 pupils and 700 teachers participated in the game. The Traffic Snake Game made it possible to achieve a positive change in mobility behaviour, an increase in mobility skills and a greater level of daily exercise, and to implement these achievements on a sustainable basis. An important and positive consequence of the game is that more children get to school in an eco-friendly way. The presence of cars within the vicinity of the school was reduced by approx. 66 % corresponding to a change of -18%-points in the modal split of all participating schools.

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