The traffic safety campaign 0.0 for friends in Austria

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The campaign “0.0 for friends” is the Austrian part of the European Designated Drivers Campaign (BOB). The designated driver is the person who does not drink when he has to drive, and who is responsible for driving his friends home safely.

Background & Objectives

The general objective of this project is to insist on the fact that drinking and driving do not mix, to make people aware of the dangers of alcohol behind the wheel and to make drink driving socially unacceptable. The campaign reaches the target group through the theme of friendship. Without being moralistic the main purposes of the campaign are the subjects: driving, trust and friendship. In relevant projects in the field of accident prevention in Austria, the outcome shows that in the target group that we are working with, the principle of peer-group education (means acceptance because of similar age and belonging to the same scene) shows very good results: The face to face contact is successful in risk-prevention, so we recruited “peer-agents”, who are accepted in our target group. Working with the “real experts” (and youth specific trends like digital cams) assures how and what the target group really needs. These “peer-agents” were sent to large discotheques and events to speak with young people (18 - 24) about drink driving. We worked together with local and regional authorities, the police, discotheque owners/staff, event-managers and the local media.


The implementation focal points were large discotheques and events.
The Austrian implementation of the campaign focuses on friendship as the driving force for responsible behaviour: If your friends matter to you at all, then you won’t drink and drive!
For this purpose, event teams were in attendance at large discotheques and festivals in Lower Austria and Styria from June 2006 to February 2007 to encourage young people to take it in turns to drive.>The campaign is not moralising, but instead, the teams use attractive promotional materials, tell the groups of friends to have a good evening and at the same time get the message across that their designated driver should remain sober. “With me at the wheel, we’ll get the party on the road” ensures that the entire group of friends will have a fun evening, because one of the group will remain sober.
A joint communication strategy has been developed for addressing the target group in conjunction with the event teams, and materials have been selected together (e.g. which T-shirts are suitable, slogans, etc.). Feedback meetings with all event-team members were held at regular intervals at Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR in order to assure the quality of the operations.



With this campaign we have been able to achieve a high level of acceptance among club operators. Materials were handed out on a regular basis, and in each large disco a jingle was played on several occasions throughout the evening. A video animation was also run several times on each evening. The feedback from the event teams has been very positive.
We reached the target group with the aid of the event-team and with materials, designed especially for them. Young drivers chose to stay sober and to bring their friends home safely.
The campaign will continue at the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week from 23.-29.04.2007.
More details under For Friends Website (only in German)


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