Stabilisation of behaviour for collective transport in Znojmo. Czech Republic

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Strengthening collective transport - especially carpooling was the aim of the following campaign.

Background & Objectives

The main subject of the project Step by Step for Znojmo was and still is in the first place reducing energy in transport, air protection and improving of life environment for townspeople and its visitors in an every single season. Moreover, to ensure a comfortable transport to the work as well as clear movement of people in an urban area. The town was supposed to refer to impending danger of motorisation, especially to menace of exhausting gas and its negative effect on people and historical construction. A car is for all of us a kind of need so at the present, it is very unpleasant to be without it. In Znojmo arose a centre of Carpooling, a complex campaign is proceeding recently all the accessible media (TV, radio, press, information catalogues, direct mailing).


The advertising campaing guided by Moravian television.Advertising campaign guided by radio Blanik.Advertising campaign in the press and special magazines.1. The advertisement included general information about the project and advised energy conservation by using other vehicles than cars.2. The advertisement included information about energy conservation by using Carpooling.Both advertisements were published in Znojemsko, Znojemské Listy around 30 times and were supported by other articles. They were carried out from May 2004 to November 2004.Advertising campaign placed on the back of public bussesA poster (2x2m) was designed with the slogan “Do you go alone in car? There are other possibilities!” incl. contact details. This design was placed on 3 regular busses for 12 months.>


The complex advertising campaign hit about 60 000 citizens from 120 villages in the county where the project was presented at chief magistrate´s meetings every 3 months. They supported „Days without cars“, which was holding on 15th of June 2004 and European „Day without cars“ on 22nd of October 2004.Futhermore were supported actions, as follows:

  • Cycling day 1.5.2004, attendance c.1500 bikers
  • Cycling day 3.7.2004, attendance c. 3500 bikers
  • Tramp throughout „Znojemské Podyjí“ 4.9.2004, 1200 people
  • Days without cars 15.6.2004, 500 drivers; 22.9.2004, 600 drivers

CarpoolingCarpooling is a routine in Znojmo region and in all over the Czech Republic because it´s operated by various population groups going to work out of town e.g. teachers, workers in large companies, business centres and market places e.g. on border Hatě used to be duty free zone, unfortunately exact numbers of cars and people are unknown recently.At the present the carpooling centre operates in Znojmo.Results: 116 cars with 3 passengers, consumption 2 litres on 20 km x 250 days a year = 58 000 l of petrol.In case of using cars separately, the petrol consumption would be 3 times bigger i.e. 174 000 l.Savings: 174 000 - 58 000 = 116 000 l / year (250 days).The price of petrol and diesel is almost same (24 - 25 Kč/l).Money savings: 116 000 l x 24 Kč = 2 784 000,- Kč i.e. 92 800 € (30 Kč / 1 €).

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Samir Maloula
Samir Maloula
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