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By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

LPP, a public bus company serving Ljubljana, has enhanced public transport by installing on board equipment on every operating bus, providing real-time positions of busses and predicting the accurate arrival times based on Telargo’s Talk Track technology.

Background & Objectives

In the hope of assuring accurate and up-to date travel information for customers, LPP has implemented a new system for tracking, control and communication (TalkTrack). It works on the basis of satellite technology GPS and data transmission technology GPRS. Based on communication between satellite and individual mobile units on buses, the position of the vehicle is defined and sent to terminal center. Customers can access this information through SMS messages or web portal.


The customers can easily get bus arrival time information using SMS on their mobile phones. At their request, a reply text message is delivered to them, listing the times of arrival for the selected stop. Received SMS contains real-time information about three arrivals. Additional variants are possible (three arrivals for the selected line and stop, first arrival for the selected line and stop in the next day, last arrival for the selected line and stop in the current day, three arrivals for the selected relation, first arrival for the selected relation and stop in the next day and last arrival for the selected relation and stop in the current day.) Received SMS also contains information about vehicle type (low-floor entrance, high-floor entrance), which is very important for elderly people and disabled persons.>If there is no bus on the selected line, prediction contains arrival according timetable marked with a note. Customers can access all this information using web portal.


Currently LPP offers three options to get the information on bus arrivals:
1.Via internet (Bus Telargo Stop on you can find out when buses are arriving at a specific bus stop you choose:
Napovedi prihodov avtobusov
2.Another possibility to get this kind of information is via LPP BUS INFO which is a real time information on bus arrivals however available only on Slovenian mobile phones via text messages or on the website under the symbol:
3. Via phone call: 090 7220 (Costs 1,09 € incl tax)


LPP Bus Info has turned out to be a very reliable source of accurate and up-to date travel information. In addition, it indirectly brings many other possibilities and advantages for passengers such as: better schedule adherence, dynamic route optimisation, improvement of ride manners and increased safety.

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