- Implementing Mobility Management Measures at Schools (Austria)

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015 is a national wide pilot project to implement mobility management measures at schools all over Austria. The overall objective is to encourage school children, teachers and parents to use more sustainable modes, especially walking and cycling, when travelling to and from school.

Background & Objectives


The project aims to:


  • encourage children, parents and teachers to travel to school using sustainable modes of transport
  • increase the knowledge and skills of pupils to participate self-dependent in traffic
  • raise the traffic safety for children
  • set up long-lasting partnerships among key actors who are involved in the implementation of mobility management measures
  • build up a network of schools within the internet platform where schools could exchange experiences and information







In 16 Austrian pilot schools various mobility management measures have been set up to make the way to school safer and more attractive for walking and cycling. To achieve sustained success with the mobility management activities a team of teachers responsible for planning and implementing the actions was build up.
Furthermore a local focus group of key actors and representatives of local authorities supports the schools in implementing awareness campaigns and infrastructure projects.

The special awareness campaign Verkehrsschlangenspiel (Traffic Snake Game)

One of the most important tools of mobility management for schools is the awareness campaign named Verkehrsschlangenspiel based on the Traffic Snake Game of Belgium.>This game is targeted at children aged between 6 and 11 years. It aims to increase the number of children that travel to school by foot, bike, bus or car-pooling by realising a mode shift.

About 1.250 pupils, parents and teachers participated in this game successfully. During the implementation a two-thirds decrease of car use has been achieved.

The School Mobility Management Plan

To guarantee long-term mobility management measures at schools, an individual mobility management plan has been worked out. On the one hand the plan describes the successful and favoured mobility management actions done by schools and on the other hand it intends how schools want to strengthen the use of sustainable modes when travelling to and from school.





Factors of success



  • mobility management measures have to be easy to implement for teachers (easy, not time-consuming and not extensive in preparation and realisation)
  • mobility management measures have to encourage pupils with all minds
  • team of teachers and local focus group guarantee a long-term and sustainable implementation of mobility management at schools







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