Safe Roads to School in the Czech Republic

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In the Czech Republic there are about 30 children killed in the accidents each year and thousands are injured. This severe situation on the Czech roads led to establishing a program Safe roads to school managed by The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, sponsored by financial group AXA.

Background & Objectives

The main goal of the program is to increase the safety around the schools, encourage children to cycle or walk to school and bring sustainable mobility to public attention. The aim is also to interconnect political, technical and public activities by focusing on respect of a healthier and more sustainable life.
Each year there are about 10 schools supported by The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation to develop a project which consists of identifying the dangerous localities in the surroundings of the schools done by the students themselves. The children draw their way to school into a map of the school surroundings and fill in a questionnaire about their mobility behavior and preferences. Each student should not only identify the danger on his way to school but also propose changes leading to improvement of the situation. Also the families, especially of the youngest pupils, should cooperate in answering questions about the children’s mobility.



Each school project should be conducted by a working group - the members are teachers, students, policemen, local authorities, licensing authorities, owners of the routes and also a structural engineer who elaborates a feasibility study based on student’s requirements for safety. The proposals should be discussed during the working group appointments and the final document should represent a consensus between all the members of working group.

During the whole school year, different activities related to safe and sustainable mobility are developed to make students aware of their responsibility in the establishment of a more safe, sustainable and respectful mobility behavior.

Initial appointment of the working group
Informational meeting of the community
Surveying of the roads to school, questionnaire search
Evaluation of the surveys
Elaborating of the feasibility study (by the structural engineer)
Presenting and forwarding of the study to local authorities

Long term plan:
Execution of the infrastructural changes
School travel plan


Main outputs of the project:
School map with the dangerous points
Summary of the children’s mobility and their preferences
School travel plan
Initial study involving the infrastructural changes requirements
Infrastructural changes

More info about the grant program:

The program was also adopted by the City of Prague:

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