Safe itineraries to school in Andorra

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The project Camí Escolar (Way to school), approved by the National Union of Mobility (Taula Nacional de Mobilitat) follows the recommendation of the European Council and UNICEF.

Background & Objectives

Andorra (85.000 inhabitants) has the objective to improve the mobility in its territory. The Camí Escolar is an educative measure for mobility improvements. It aims at making access to school as safe and comfortable as possible, i.e. provide a safe way to school and back. This proposal is part of a global project for all educative centres in Andorra.The project has three main objectives:1. Make safe urban itineraries used by children in an autonomous way between their home and school.2. Promote the participation of the children in the elaboration of politics for improving urban spaces.3. Collaboration for a more sustainable future with less contamination and more quality of life.In this sense, the project of the Camí Escolar wants to promote that children become autonomous, that they get a capacity of orientation and that they adopt an adequate behaviour for the different traffic situations they can find themselves in. Apart from learning how to choose the safest itineraries, the children learn to share public spaces with other transport modes.>


The first implementation of the project Camí Escolar was realized in November 2008 as a result of a collaboration between the Agència de Mobilitat (Mobility Agency) and the municipality of Canillo. The Children Council of Canillo, which meets once a year, accepted the project, so that the first step that was taken, was the planning of the routes within the municipality. Afterwards these routes were signposts and marked with red lines in the streets. This colouring wants to help to give a reserved space to the school children and rise the conscientious of the car drivers about the presence of children in the street. As an additional element of the Camí Escolar, the Mobility Agency has created reflective buttons. These make the school children more visible during day and night time and where there is fog, snow or rain. Another example of implementation can be found in the municipality of Ordino, sere the Camí Escolar was inaugurated in may 2009.


The introduction of safe itineraries on foot is considered an important element. It is foreseen that the concept of the Camí Escolar will be introduced gradually at all educative institution of Andorra.
Kerstin Burckhart
Kerstin Burckhart
27 Aug 2010
29 Aug 2014