Public transport starter packs for new employees and students in Brno. Czech Republic

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

KORDIS JMK (public transport operator for the South Moravian Region) prepared a new activity aimed at university students and new employees. New students and staff have been informed about how to use public transport in Brno and Southern Moravia for travelling to work and school.

Background & Objectives


Every year there are about 10,000 newcomers to the university, usually from other places in the Czech Republic but also from abroad. These students usually do not know how to use public transport in Brno and consider using the car instead of sustainable transport modes. The increase in car usage could bring the city transport system to the point of collapse.
Therefore it is necessary to provide newcomers with information on public transport services, timetables, fares etc. The second aim was long-term. Quite a lot of new students stay in Brno after their graduation. KORDIS hopes that the direct promotion of public transport services will create more satisfaction with public transport, lead people to feel that the city is taking care of them, and encourage them to consider public transport services, not only as a social service but also as a useful transport mode. This approach could persuade them to continue to use public transport instead of cars after their graduation.





Every new student received their own starter pack. The pack consisted of information about public transport services, including day and night maps of the network in Brno and in the region, a fare table, a timetable booklet, information about how to buy special student tickets, and tips for trips outside of Brno. The maps showed the university campus areas in Brno and information on how to get to them.>Similar packages with special information on their working area were prepared for employees. This service has been highly appreciated by the students and the university management.
Implementation costs were about €6,000. About 200 person hours were spent on this action.
KORDIS has not faced many obstacles or problems in this activity. The biggest problem was to properly discuss the timing of the activities. The second problem was to discuss with employers the placement of info boards in their factories.




In an era of massive promotion and marketing events using billboards or posters, the personal approach to customers becomes more important. All information may be available on the internet but it is sometimes not possible to personalise it and present it in a simple way. It may be too complicated for users to understand.
It is necessary to show that public transport provides users with the same service as the car sellers with their show rooms.
This short term and low-cost activity cannot bring a direct change in the personal behaviour of students and employees, but as a part of a package of measures it can have quite a strong impact on people’s transport behaviour in the future. It seems to be possible and easy to replicate such a model in other schools, universities and companies. The signing-in procedure has to be done in all schools and companies and seems an appropriate opportunity to provide proper information on city-mobility and public transport services to students and employees.



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