Public Transport Promotion to School Children in Rome. Italy

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The awareness and educational campaigns on Sustainable Mobility in the city of Rome addressed pupils aged from 9 to 12 years. Main activities undertaken: small workshops in the classroom, visit to the depot of the PT operator, interactive game in the classroom, competition for picture and celebration party where gift were distributed to pupils.

Background & Objectives

ATAC spa has carried out a travel awareness/education campaign within the EU project TAPESTRY. The campaign focused on raising children’s awareness in opting for public transport as a solution to pollution problems and as a better way of enjoying their town.This means change the participants’ attitude and their future behaviour by having them options for public transport and enhancing their civic consciousness in using public means of transport.All actions aimed at promoting the concept of sustainable mobility in the new generation which will be the next users of public transport.This is of special importance in a town like Rome where modal split is still too much showing high predominance of the personal car.


The campaign addressed 60 classrooms from 20 different schools in the city of Rome. (children aged between 9 and 12)The following measures where undertaken:

  • Visits to the depots where maintenance work is carried out on buses and trams;
  • Educational interactive videogames promoting the use of public transport;>
    • Celebration party (1200 children took part in the celebration) Each class received the “Tapestry” poster and the students were given “Tapestry” T-shirts as well as a “Certificate of Participation”.
    The classes that won the contest were awarded prizes consisting of PCs, printers and scanners that have been given to the schools.


    The campaign sorted effective results:
    • Increase in the use of public transport for home-school trips
    • Increase of the level of perceived security & reliability using PT
    • In general pupils plan to use more public transport in the future
    In the following picture the main results of the campaign are provided on the base of the methodology adopted to measure campaign effect (after-during-before).After the campaign, the percentage of pupils who thought public transport was “boring” dropped from 85% to 68% (a decrease of 17%!), and public transport was seen as safe, cheap and a good way to avoid traffic problems. And 58% of them said that they would be ready to use public transport if they could travel together with their friends.The campaign was carried out under the EC-funded TAPESTRY project.More information can be obtained from the website or from Carla Gentili
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