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By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015

Users of public transport tend to perceive even short waiting times as too long.The attractive brochure Fit in Fahrt" (fit in travel) helps them shorten and make good use of that subjective waiting time. This makes using public transport even more attractive.

Background & Objectives


Short waiting times at stops and during transfers cannot be avoided using public transport. It is very important for public transport enterprises that their customers do not perceive these waiting periods as too long. One option is to create an interesting design for the stops. This brochure also helps to reduce the subjective waiting time.




The brochure "Fit in Fahrt" contains nearly thirty exercises to improve your concentration, your eyes and your good posture. It also gives tips for relaxation, stress reduction and selected tips for healthy nutrition.>The exercises reduce the subjective waiting time while keeping body and spirit fit. During a meeting in August 2005 the VCL suggested to the minister of transport Dr. Martin Meyer to create a Liechtenstein version of the brochure "Fit in Fahrt". FGM-AMOR coordinated design and print. On March 8th 2006 the government, the office for health services, the Liechtenstein Bus Anstalt (LBA) and the Verkehrs-Club Liechtenstein (VCL) presented the brochure at a media conference. The LBA distributes the brochure to its customers. Some exercises are presented as posters at bus stops. In the meantime the public services have repeated the action using the ideas of the booklet on flyers and locally known people make the exersices.




Customers of public transport use their waiting time at stops in a healthy way and shorten the perceived waiting time.


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