Promotion of bicycle use and integration with PT services in Toulouse/France

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

Dedicated infrastructures, equipment and bicycle renting services are key success factors in having the bicycle considered as a full-worthy transportation mode that can fulfil the daily mobility needs. The definition of a strategic plan for the next 5 to 10 years will help to enforce the partners’ efforts now and the near future.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Analyse current bicycle use in the Greater Toulouse and define an action plan for its implementation with a close integration in PT services that means:

  • Update the results obtained in a previous European Project (CENTAUR, THERMIE Program) and to analyse the results obtained within the framework for bicycles adopted by City of Toulouse for the period 1998-2005
  • Focus on integration bicycles services in PT services.
  • Define, on the basis of this analysis, the strategic axis for the next years.

The Measure

The measure is a consolidation and an assessment of the previous actions, not only as a feedback, but also (and mainly) to prepare the further actions. There is clearly an innovative willingness to be as close as possible from actual problems and not to apply solutions “ready-to-wear”. That includes both the need of an objective and scientific approach (statistics, enquiries, etc.) and a close cooperation with the final users, with their associations and with the political level. It has to be quoted that the concept of bicycles promotion in Toulouse is not a dogmatic one, but is based upon the idea that a sustainable promotion of this mode has a pre-requirement which is to promote an acceptable, realistic and ambitious definition of its domain. That is the reason why the measure focus on integration bicycles services in PT services.

Implementation Status

The measure was implemented in the following stages:

  • Realization of a State of the Art of bicycle use in the agglomeration; this State of the Art was the first input to the development of necessary actions to be undertaken by local authorities;
  • Assessment of the integration aspects between public transport and bicycle use: the integration has been considered from the P+R perspective (some secured bicycle stations have been created around metro stations) and from the perspective of the creation of the automatic public bicycle renting system VélôToulouse.
  • Realization of a road book for the development of bicycle use in Toulouse through the definition of strategic axis.


The main results are related to the first stage of implementation of the measure (State of the Art):

  • There is a global increase in bicycle use even if the modal share remains very low (3% at the level of the whole conurbation of Toulouse),
  • The intermodality including bicycle is very low,
  • For distances about 2-3 km, bicycle modal share is equal to public transport modal share,
  • There has been an important increase of safety conditions for cyclists.

Though, the most important output of this measure is the realization of the road book which will give a roadmap to public authorities dealing with cycling in the view of the future actions to be undertaken in order to develop and promote bicycle.

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