Promotion of alternative fuels in the public and private sector/Suceava (Romania)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The increase demand for mobility and the use of private cars is a worrying side effect of economic growth. A sustainable solution to meet the demand for mobility should be found. One such possible solution is to promote alternative fuels (LPG and biogas) at the local and national level.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The objectives aim to increase citizens’ knowledge and experience of alternative fuels, to promote and develop new LPG and to identify biogas facilities, to reduce traffic emissions through increasing the number of clean vehicles and optimising PT. The evaluation is performed by The Vehicle Related Emissions Monitoring Group - a partnership between Suceava Municipality, City Council, Local Transport Company, Environmental Protection Agency and Health Authority.

The Measure

The measures relating to Clean and energy efficient vehicle fleets for Suceava is only possible if both achieve their goals and support each other’s actions. The measure entitled Alternative fuel bus fleet is at its peak now and special attention is being given to the measure of promotion of alternative fuels in the public and private sector, which is being taken on by the municipality to demonstrate the efficiency of LPG fuel, through equipping buses and a municipal minibus with LPG conversion systems. They will be the emblem of the marketing campaign.The marketing campaigns for alternative fuels will inform citizens about the negative impacts of the limited sources of fossil fuels (the rising price of oil and the effect of emissions on the environment) and the multiple benefits (for the entire community and for every one of us) that alternative fuels can bring. The first step carried out was a marketing strategy to promote alternative fuels. In order to encourage>car drivers to adopt the measure, some legal provisions will be issued that will require taxis and private minibuses to run on LPG at first and later on, by 2010, will have to change to vehicles with biogas systems

Implementation Status

Alternative fuels and clean vehicles were promoted within marketing and promotion campaigns through events organised in the LEZ targeting the private and public transport sectors, mainly taxis, in order to raise awareness and acceptability for LPG fuel and LPG converting systems. The fuel providers were tackled and important evaluation activity took place.The launching of new LPG fuelled DACIA model on the market increased the measure value. The bus engines converted to LPG (measure 5.6) enhanced the LPG fuel market and the LPG converting systems. Good basis for biogas introduction relied on WWTP rehabilitation project that was under continuous monitoring. Campaigns for different vehicle taxation according to the fuel consumed were deployed.


- 31.13% increase LPG fuel taxis due to converted systems and launching LPG fuel vehicles onto the market
  • 5% increase LPG fuel minibuses operating PT
  • 34.57% increase of LPG fuel sales, number of fuel stations increased (from 6 to 9 in 2007)
  • decrease CO2 emissions measured at the tailpipe due to taxis LPG conversion (37% better than gasoline; 29% worse than diesel), resulting 7% improvement for the whole taxi fleet and CO2 emissions due to taxis LPG conversion (36% better than gasoline;18% better than diesel), leading to a 10% improvement for the taxi fleet as a whole
  • verification of the beneficial financial impact of operating vehicles on LPG vs. conventional fuels (100% better than gasoline and 40% better than diesel)
Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
Narciza Nenec
Narciza Nenec
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