‘The price of fear’ - the promotional campaign of MPK Pozna?

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Miejskie Przedsi?biorstwo Komunikacyjne w Poznaniu Ltd. (Pozna? City Transport Company) decided to encourage passengers to punch tickets in a very controversial way - presenting the price of a ticket as the price of fear with a very high financial penalty.

Background & Objectives


In Pozna? about 4-5% passengers do not pay for their ride. The city haulier has tried to decrease the number of non-paying passengers. In the beginning there was a campaign aiming to make passengers realize that the tramway and bus quality depended on passengers integrity. Then in the summer of 2007 financial penalties raised from 35 PLN (about 9,50 EUR) to 100 PLN (about 28 EUR) in the case of immediately paying the ticket inspector and from 65 PLN (17,50 EUR) to 195 PLN (about 52 EUR) in the case of paying during the following week. In the transporter’s opinion percentage of passengers who properly punch their tickets is still too low.




In November 2007 the transport company launched a new commercial campaign on bus stops and in vehicles. The pattern of>posters was taken from comics and they propagate a slogan: "The price of fear" 1,3 z? (0,35 EUR - the price of 10 minutes ticket) is enough for staying cool in a bus or in a train’ and ‘The cost of a financial penalty amount to 195 PLN.




The campaign is connected with "bad passengers" associations. During the 90’s, tickets were inspected by a private company,and often used a lot of abuse - like frightening passengers or even beating them. However, the city haulier claims that the aim of the campaign is "not to stress passengers, but to build some positive relations" and "to present some basis of functioning of the industry to Poznan’s inhabitants".


Since January 2009 the institution that is responsible for ticket distribution and validation in Poznan public transport has been Zarz?d Transportu Miejskiego (Municipal Board of Transport) and current penalty fees can be found at http://www.ztm.poznan.pl/fares-tickets/penalty-fees/

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