Prague. Czech Republic: First Mobility Centre in Accession Countries

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

The purpose is to establish the first mobility centre in an Accession country which will promote sustainable tranport policies in Prague.

The MOST case study in Prague aimed to establish the first mobility centre in the Accession countries. There is a wide public transport network in Prague (50 km Metro, 136 km tram and 796 km bus network in 2000). Integrated regional transport has been growing gradually along with continuously growing private car transport. One of the principles in the Prague Transport Policy is to provide as much information as possible. Prague Public Transport (PPT) offers free information in 5 information centres which work without any direct link to railway or national bus information centresand other transport and city information.The objective is to prepare for the first time a project in the Accession countries which deals with the establishment of an integrated mobility centre offering multi-modal information for the general public, but also especially for tourists:

  • comprehensive individual time tables and multi modal transport information
  • sales and reservations
  • subsequent adoption of accommodation and event information and reservation
  • internet and phone accessibility


The expected benefits for public transport once the Mobility Centre is implemented, can be taken into account. A first qualitative assessment of the planning phase shows positive marks for such issues as connection to the wider transport strategy, user orientation, personnel resources and empowerment.>Improvement is expected in communication and the involvement of all relevant stakeholders. This shows that the set-up of an integrated service such as a mobility centre needs strong co-ordination and involvement of different partners even if one main partner is responsible for the implementation. The case study report, shows that implementation of a mobility centre will be very useful as it will be the core element of mobility management in Prague. It is orientated towards the public transport system, the basis for a sustainable Prague. The city has developed a strategic plan and has also adopted principles for a local transport policy. These principles guarantee the preferential operation and development of sustainable modes of transport in the city and in its suburban areas. The creation of efficient interfaces (park & ride and bike & ride) and the establishment of a multi-modal information system for all users are important pre-conditions for the preferential use of public transport. The strategic plan will be realised step by step. Once the mobility centre is in place, customers will be permanently informed about these measures. The actual set up of the mobility centre is foreseen for 2003-2004.


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