The passenger´s check-in by means of contactless smart cards. Teplice. Czech Republic

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In the year 2000 decided the PT operator in the region of Teplice, for the benefit of the improvement of smoothness and quality of transport, to switch over to a passenger´s check-in system by using of contactless smart cards.

The check-in and tarif system used in the Teplice PT – cash payment of the fare, had some technical limits. The new check-in system was introduced by 1.7.2000, based on paying of the fare via contactless smart cards, which were used as subscription season tickets as well as for cash payment of the fare.

To the main drawback of the system used earlier belonged the necessity of repeated payment of the full fare at the change, the troubles gathering small change – farebox doesn´t repay the overpayment, calendar period validity of the season tickets, which led into periodic queues in the ticket offices at the turn of the month and also the thing that the system didn’t make it possible for the passengers who were paying for single journey, to get a travel ticket.

From January 3, 2002 introduced the Transport Company of Teplice and the Bus Company of Usti nad Labem the common use of smart cards in the form of electronic wallets and passenger who bought a smart card at one of the operators could use it to pay the single fare on the lines of other operators.

The new system made it possible:

  • to enable passengers to change, within a limited time, any connection and they will pay much less then the price of two tickets
  • to choose arbitrarily the date of validity of season tickets and buy them in advance
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    • to advantage use of smart cards to cash payment – the fare paid cash is more expensive
    • the passenger gets the travel ticket
    • integration of the transport systems in one region so that the passengers can pay their fare at different operators with one smart card

    The contribution to PT operators as well as to Local Transport Authority are mostly:

    • the exact registration of PT revenues, which improves the level of actual loss in order to provide subsidies within PT
    • monitoring the number of passengers, which can be a source for optimalization of transport
    • replacement of a season ticket to a smart card, which prevents losses of the operators, caused by falsification of paper season tickets and no more discounts for sellers of paper PT tickets
    • cash payment system reduction, restrains of manipulation with coins

    At present there are over 30000 cards distributed among the 60 000 inhabitants served by PT in Teplice and other 7000 cards issued by suburban bus operators. The share of owners of the smart cards on the earnings of PT company is 67 of transported passengers with card (49 season ticket and 18 electronic wallet).

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