Parking by phone (m-parking). Croatia

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Parking payment by phone in Croatia (“m-parking”) was initiated in the Croatian capital Zagreb in 2001 and has now been rolled-out to a further 35 cities.

Background & Objectives

The Croatian Parking Association (CPA) was established in 2001 to promote parking management in Croatian towns. Its members are representatives of local authorities and companies who are involved in parking management and also includes associate members from companies which manufacture electronic equipment or software utilised within the parking industry.



Since its introduction in Zagreb in 2001, m-parking has been rolled out accross 35 cities in Croatia.



The main advantages of the scheme are

  • Unique Mobile parking Payment System for the whole of Croatia
  • Service provided without application or registration
  • A simpler and faster parking payment
  • Allows remote parking payment”
  • Drivers are sent a reminder of expiry of parking payment
  • Safe parking
  • Reducing parking operators costs because of less frequent emptying of Pay & Display Machines
  • Reduction of the number of Pay & Display Machines and their maintenance

The disadvantages are

  • Drivers pay for sending an SMS message
  • One SMS message only covers one parking hour (and thus parkers have to renew every hour)

Since the scheme was introduced the number of registered users has steadily increased. By 2004, the Croatian M-parking scheme was the largest in Europe (with over 130,000 users) and continues to grow, and by 2008 23 cities across the country have the system in place.In 2007 the m-parking market share varied between cities, ranging from for 25% of parking turnover in Zadar to 75% in Dubrovnik

Further information available at the Croatian parking Association website at

General information about parking in Zagreb at (Croatian only)

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