Painted mini-roundabout to promote safety and traffic calming in Chorzów (Poland)

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

In 2006 the municipality of Chorzów has installed an experimental mini-roundabout with painted horizontal multilayered marks instead of a paved raised traffic island. Compliance rate and acceptance have been found to be comparable to conventional mini roundabouts but at one-third of total implementation costs.

Background & Objectives

In process of repairing and renewing of city streets in Chorzów, situated in south of Poland, emerged a new idea - to convert a small conventional junction into an experimental roundabout. A mini-roundabout with horizontal multilayered marks instead of roundabout with paved raised traffic island has been developed and constructed.The objective of the activity was to improve safety and calm of the traffic within the small-sized existing junction, keeping it suitable for trucks and buses. Because of dense premises and financial lack, neither the conventional mini-roundabout nor junction with light signalling could be build.The safety of the traffic in the junction was insufficient since the adjacent roadways have been repaired, allowing to pass junctions at higher speed. Also the dominating movement in the junction (left-turn from the subordinated roadway and directly running with precedence) caused this junction to be unsafe.


The experimental mini-roundabout has been constructed using a structural multilayered technology. The middle island border has been indicated by on-roadway reflecting elements, improving the night visibility. Also the direction arrows on the driving lane of the roundabout and the dividing islands on the entrances have been painted. Warning signs before the junction are identically to any conventional- or mini-roundabout>The implementation of rotary traffic by the help of a painted middle traffic island was possible off-hand, without any obstacles specific for building of the paved raised island, such as reorganizing of public and individual transportation (bypass, relocation of stops) or rebuilding of the underground structure.


After implementation of the paved mini roundabout, the behaviour of car drivers has been observed and analysed.Compliance and driver behaviourIn comparison to mini-roundabouts with paved middle traffic island, the mini-roundabout with horizontal marks has lower grade of discouraging from directly running through the roundabout.However, the majority of car drivers (about 80%) have run through the junction correct. About 10% of them didn’t consider the traffic island. The rest have been surprised by the new solution (longer holding before entering).Compared to other conventional mini-roundabouts in Chorzow it was found out that the type of middle traffic island (paved, painted) doesn’t affect the number of car drivers not following the circular traffic. However, the construction of mini-roundabout with horizontal marked middle island is a lot cheaper.CostsThe overall cost of the “painted” roundabout was triple lower than a conventional mini-roundabout. Designation of the middle traffic island didn’t require to invade the road surface or drainage.

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