'One Car Less' campaign in Lisbon. Portugal

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

The Lisbon public transport company, CARRIS, created the ‘One Car Less’ campaign to provide information on sustainable mobility for citizens. Its objective is to reduce the use of the private car and make the citizen aware about his/her impact on the environment and everyone’s quality of life.

Background & Objectives

The ‘Menos Um Carro’ (‘One Car Less’) campaign aims to promote more sustainable mobility. Its aim is to invite everyone to rethink the use of private cars in the city, given the alternatives and arguments based on sustainability. Ideally, everyone would wish to be ‘One Car Less’ as a result. The campaign's objective is to encourage reflection on the subject and an active search for information, adapting everyday behaviour towards a better quality of life for all.


The idea was born in CARRIS, a collective passenger transport company serving the Greater Lisbon area. Greater Lisbon represents the start of the campaign but there are plans to replicate ‘One Car Less’ throughout Portugal.

With these sustainable mobility objectives in mind, CARRIS created an online meeting place at http://www.menosumcarro.pt/ where every citizen can access information in order to understand the urgency of change and understand what the real benefits are in opting for more sustainable mobility, be it from an environmental, social or economic point of view. Everyone can join the movement and can calculate his own Index of Sustainable Mobility (IMS). The IMS is formed by means of a questionnaire which reflects the three areas concerned - economic, social and environmental, and it allows everyone to understand the impact of his/her everyday behaviour. The campaign counts on everyone’s contribution in sharing information on the subject in order to get more people involved and thereby help to facilitate access to a better quality of life in the city.

‘One Car Less’ integrates partners who show a real interest in contributing to making mobility more sustainable, regardless of the area in which they operate. Environment, health, safety, reduced mobility and active advocating of less polluting modes of mobility are some of the examples of strategic participation on the way towards change. Some of the partners include: Metropolitan Transport Authority of Lisbon, Institute for Mobility and Land Transport, Siemens, other projects working for the same goals, such as ‘10:10 Portugal’, non-profit organisations for environmental protection, such as GEOTA. The campaign also takes into account other initiatives for sustainable mobility around Europe and promotes them as good practices in order to raise awareness.


‘Menos Um Carro’ is widely present in social networks – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with over 9500 followers on Facebook. This creates proximity with citizens, raises awareness about sustainable mobility and creates an incentive for them to become part of it and use their cars less. The campaign also has its own Blog for more active discussions with over 1600 followers. Everyone can calculate his own Index of Sustainable Mobility (IMS) through the portal which facilitates the feeling of personal responsibility for the environmental, economic and social impact someone has. The campaign is a friendly tool with which to familiarise and emotionalise citizens about sustainable mobility.

See http://www.facebook.com/menosumcarro

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