New parking fee system to reduce traffic in Pécs. Hungary

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In the inner city of Pécs a new parking fee system with zones has been established in order to increase the number of people using public transport, to reduce environmental pollution and to improve living and working conditions.

Background & Objectives

Before this initiative was started parking in Pécs was free. Almost all the parking lots were occupied and the city was full of people looking for parking spaces. If there had been no new parking system the city would now be unattractive to park, live and and spend free-time in.


The new parking system has cut the city into four zones:

  • Red zone for the core of the inner city = expensive parking with limited

parking time

  • Blue zone adjacent to the red zone = moderately priced parking
  • Yellow zone for the distant parts of the city centre = rather low parking fee
  • Green zone for outside the city centre = free parking

In the city new parking machines and information boards were installed and the streets were marked according to the new regulations.


Because of the new parking system the number of cars in the city has decreased a lot, increasing numbers of people are using public transport and it is now easily possible to find a parking lot. Furthermore, it has been officially declared that the money gained by the parking fees will be spend on new parking infrastructure.
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