New leisure related mobility services in Krakow/Poland

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Just to make it easier and more comfortable to ride a bike in Krakow and to encourage inhabitants to use bikes more frequently as a mode of transport to recreational areas of Krakow particularly during the spring/summer season - this is the main purpose. New leisure related mobility services will enable to create a new cyclist friendly image of PT.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

- To implement new leisure related mobility service in Krakow in order to increase a use of bikes and PT transport for the purpose of reaching recreational areas.
  • To conduct an information and marketing campaign to disseminate the new mobility service
  • To test the system for future implementation in Krakow neighbourhood areas as a way of travelling from suburbs to the city centre.

    The Measure

    It is not easy to ride a bicycle in Krakow. An insufficient length of bike lanes makes it awkward to ride in a save way. Consequently, getting to recreational areas for bike trips is not comfortable enough and might be discouraging for bike users. Therefore the launch of new leisure mobility services in Krakow is a good way to stimulate the use of bicycles as a mean of transport and to enable cyclists to use PT when going for trips to recreational areas of the city. The new bike currying facilities installed on PT buses operating on chosen bus lines during spring/summer season are first step towards increase of PT use when going for leisure activities outside the city centre.
Demonstration phase began with production of 15 bike grips. MPK constructed and tested a prototype of bike grip and than produced all bike carrying facilities using its own labour resources. Simultaneously bus routes and lines were chosen and special bus schedules were prepared. Afterwards 100 bus drivers were trained how to use new equipment for bike transportation>

Implementation Status

The new service was launched in July 2006 and was preceded by the communication and marketing campaign. The news about the introduction of leisure related mobility services in Krakow were disseminated on local and national scale and met with a great interest of PT operators from other Polish cities. The following media were used for dissemination: local and national press, local radio and TV channels, internet and additionally direct meetings with potential users during the grand launch of the service.In summer 2006 a research on representatives of Krakow’s households was conducted. The results revealed citizens’ acceptance for the idea of introducing new leisure related mobility services. Later in 2007 and 2008 after restart of the service MPK was continuing the process of service eval


- The new leisure related mobility service was generally accepted by the citizens of Krakow.
  • The awareness of the bike holders on PT buses was increasing in the following seasons of the service availability. But the service launch did not resulted in the raise of readiness to use PT transport for the purpose of bike tourism.
  • Bike currying facilities were used most frequently on line number 134 (leading to the ZOO).
  • Economy indicators (both operating costs and operating revenues) related to provision of the new leisure related mobility service turn out to have low impact on the overall operation on chosen bus lines.
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Ryszard Wrobel
Ryszard Wrobel
16 Jan 2009
29 Aug 2014