Motocycle in a duty of Warsaw Tramways’ traffic supervision

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

New motorcycle of improves of tram traffic supervision work: speeds up the first aid and improves traffic management during accidents.

Background & Objectives

As yet tram traffic supervision in Warsaw have had some problems with managing to help with trams’ accidents and breakdowns on time. Vehicles of supervision have got stuck in traffic jams. It have caused delays in tram traffic and as well in first aid delivering.


In November 2007 Warsaw Tramways Ltd. got Honda Deauville 700 motorcycle, which was bought from Preventive Fund by insurance company PZU. Motorcycle will be used for monitoring situation on capital tracks and for quick interventions. It will make an instantly intervention possible, help to secure accident spot or deliver first aid when needed>Motorcycle is equipped with radio station and bluetooth technology, which enable to be in contact with Traffic Head Office. It weights 230 kg and its engine capacity is 680 cm3. Its maximal speed is 230 km per hour. Cost of motorcycle amount 33.000 PLN (about 8700 EUR). Motorcycle will be used apart from unfavorable weather (for example snowfall).


For the moment there is only one motorcycle, but if it turn out to be useful on capital roads, it is possible that there will be more of them in Warsaw.

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Michał Beim
Michał Beim
15 Jan 2008
02 Sep 2014