Mobility Management to stop increasing parking and accessibility problems (Katwijk. the Netherlands)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Because of increasing parking- and accessibility problems, the Chamber of Commerce and the Companies Association of Business Park Katwijk 't Heen saw opportunities for transport management in this large companies area.

Background & Objectives

The analysis learned that as much as 65% of the employees came from the surrounding areas, still the share of car use was over 50%. The solution should be to stimulate cycling. The share of bike use in the commuter traffic could increase from 45% up to a maximum of 61%.



Two bike bridges were needed to make more direct connections with surrounding residential areas. These bridges were for account off the province.
The ‘Bike of the company’ project developed with difficulties, in spite of efforts made by the companies association. Some companies did invest in better bike sheds. The approach did succeed in that way, but nevertheless blew over.
The effects are not measured so nothing is known about the effect produced on the share of bike use in the commuter traffic or the solution to the parking or accessibility problem.


  • Unknown increase in cycle use and decrease in car traffic.
  • Unknown removal of parking and accessibility problem.

Commitment of all parties involved is needed to make Mobility Management a success. So when this commitment fails or isn't strong enough, then the chances for success decrease and the intended effects might well not to be reached.

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Friso Metz
Friso Metz
Friso Metz
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22 Oct 2007
29 Aug 2014