Mobility Management in the Company Azimut Yachts - Avigliana (Piedmont. Italy)

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015

Azimut Yachts started its mobility project in 2007 and since then it has been promoting activities that aim in motivating its employees in using public transport.

Background & Objectives


Azimut based in Avigliana is part of the multinational group Azimut-Benetti S.p.A. that produces luxury yachts. The company in Avigliana has two premises, the first one is older and smaller, whereas, the second one, called “King”, is more recent and hosts the majority of the employees: more than 800 factory workers and 200 office workers.

Access problems reported by the employees
The first action carried out was a home-to-work mobility survey. The analysis of the data collected has highlighted the following problems:
1. Train
The reason why the employees do not travel by train to work is the distance of 5km between the company’s premises the train station.
2. Bicycle
Cycling could be a way of traveling from the train station to the company’s premises, however, the existing cycling lanes are not adequately marked and signposted.
3. Bus
The main reason why many employees travel by car to work is the fact that the timetables of certain bus lines do not coincide with the working shifts of Azimut.
4. Private Car
There is lack of a sufficient amount of parking spaces at the area adjacent to the company’s premises.




Following consultation and discussion with the Municipality of Avigliana, the Province of Turin and the worker unions, the company has identified the following 4 priorities of action:

1st Priority: communication


  • Mobility pinboard: mobility information point in the company including public transport timetables, car pooling teams and news
  • Dissemination of bus timetables with the payment slip


2nd Priority: public transport



  • Modification of the bus timetables to better serve the employees
  • Testing of a shuttle that connects the train station to Azimut
  • Participation at the Regional Call for the cofinancing of annual public transport passes for the company's employees



3rd Priority: car pooling



  • Support for the creation of crews (car pooling pin board, software that brings in contact the employees interested in car pooling and enables them to create crews)
  • Incentives for car pooling (i.e. reserved car parks for the registered crews)



4th Priority: cycling



  • Bike parking lots at the company and at the train station
  • Bike sharing post at the train station
  • Improvement of the bike lanes in Avigliana
  • Information on cycling lanes in Avigliana



Problems encountered
The problems encountered during the project are:



  • Poor coverage of certain areas by the public transport
  • Difficulty in modifying certain bus lines and timetables due to the working shifts of Azimut
  • Impossible to carry out changes to the train timetables




Partners involved:




  • Company's Mobility Manager, Impronta
  • Municipality of Avigliana
  • Province of Turin
  • Public transport
  • Local companies








• Improvement of the relations between the company’s administration and the worker unions thanks to the participatory approach adopted and their involvement at the mobility project.
• 14 employees have switched from private car to public transport. This will result in a saving of 336 tons of CO2 per year (AzzeroCO2 algorithm applied:
• The new shuttle that connects the train station to Azimut is a success and a total of 70 employees uses it daily.
• Since the creation of car parking dedicated to car pooling there were 19 “crews” formed and a total of 43 employees travels with car pooling.

It has to be stressed that the economical crisis has had a considerable negative impact at the above mentioned results. Since the beginning of the crisis the company has closed one of its factories and the remaining employees have lost some of their enthusiasm in the sustainable mobility project as there are other priorities now for them.



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