Mobility forum in Krakow/Poland

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Krakow has a strong political commitment to improve the involvement of the public and important stakeholders in the decision-making process of transport planning activities. The Krakow Mobility Forum, under the lead of the Mayor of Krakow, was the first official platform to test better communication in process of transport system development.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The objectives of the measure were: to accomplish Mobility Forum in Krakow involving representatives of municipality departments, public transport companies, associations of public transport passengers and bicycle users, quarter councillors etc.. The crucial issue was to make passengers able to co-organize and co-plan of public transport in Krakow with the special regard to passenger rights (Charter for Public Transport Passengers’ Rights).

The Measure

The Krakow Mobility Forum worked under the lead of the Mayor of Krakow and included in the meeting a lot of representatives of the groups predicted within the objectives of this measure, such as municipality departments, public transport companies, associations of public transport passengers and bicycle users, quarter councillors, shopkeepers associations. The Mobility Forum was organized at least twice a year (in 2008 and publishes the outcomes of each meeting. One of the first objectives of the Mobility Within the measure there were research and technological development activities conducted developing the Mobility Forum concept for Krakow (identify and inform the key stakeholders to be involved, define the way of stakeholders involvement and function of the Mobility Forum), developing the Charter for Public Transport Passengers Rights, preparing the concept and all needed political decisions for the introduction of the Mobility Forum.

Implementation Status

During the Mobility Forum there was opportunity to exchange ideas between municipal departments, project engineers, bicycle users and representatives of pro-ecological institutions and clubs.
In 2007 two meetings of Mobility Forum has been arranged. One meeting concerned Charta for public transport passengers’ rights. The general subject of the second meeting was city logistics systems. Municipality of Krakow has invited specialist from other Polish cities to discuss the problem of distribution of goods in the city centre. In 2008 eight meetings were hold during which the issues of, eg. bicycle paths, Telebus services, organization of night PT were discussed.


Since 2006 ten meetings have been held by municipality. Since the first meeting 455 people participated in the meetings and the average
umber of participants pre year were 45, 50 and 52 persons.
After the Mobility Forum concerning night bus lines in Krakow, some suggestions that appeared during this meeting were took into account by local PT operators. There were some barriers that came up during the organization of the Mobility Forum, such as: not enough number of Forum meetings, insufficient interest of media. Nevertheless, Mobility Forum was finally warmly welcome by citizens and the organization of meetings is continued, once per 2 monts, organized mainly by SITK (Polish Association of Engineers and Technicans of Transportation).

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