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Managing mobility needs of private persons and business sector - Malmö/Sweden

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Private persons, the business sector as well as the municipal organisation have been the target of campaigns to promote sustainable transport. Individual marketing have been carried out at companies and study materials have been developed for schools. Photo credit: Mats Persson

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The overall objective, taking into consideration the accumulated effect of the main tasks, is to reduce traffic and thus reducing emissions of CO2, NOx and particles. This measure will promote sustainable transportation system through soft measures such as information, marketing, education and guidance.
The specific objective is to stimulate a modal shift towards PT and cycling.

The Measure

The work with mobility management will be developed and implemented on a broader scale than before in the city of Malmö. The City of Malmö and Skånetrafiken will implement Mobility management projects towards different target groups. The City of Malmö will mainly work towards influencing local companies, the public, the municipal organization and individual marketing towards employees at private enterprises.

Skånetrafiken will mainly implement “Individual marketing towards employees at private enterprises”. The objective of the project is to work with private enterprises to change the transport behavior of the employees in an environmentally sustainable direction. For example personal web pages will be available for planning public transport travels.

Implementation Status

Within City of Malmö several campaigns have been launched on sustainable mobility towards the citizens and businesses. By using newsletters, advertisments, conferences, networking and study visits have the municipality raised the issues of sustainable urban mobility in an effective way.

Skånetrafiken has established contact with companies interested in raising their public transport use. During the CIVITAS SMILE project all appointed companies in the region were contacted and many responded well.


19% of the citizens were aware of at least one campaign and 2-5% accepted the campaigns through active participation in the campaigns or in changing travel patterns.
Of the test travellers 40% continued the alternative travel mode after the test period.
According a survey among people moving into Malmö 20-30% drove their car less now compared with before moving to Malmö.
Of the employees taking part in the commuter competition 38% felt that the campaign had increased their knowledge, 10-11% tried alternatives or had a temporary change in commuter patterns. 3% changed commuter habits permanent.
Changes in travel behaviour of school children fell from 75% to 65% being driven to school leading to a reduction of 5.2 tonnes CO2.

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