M6 Toll Motorway. Birmingham. UK

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The UK’s first motorway toll scheme.

Background & Objectives

The M6 Toll is the United Kingdom's first toll-paying motorway. The scheme was introduced to alleviate the increasing congestion on the M6 through Birmingham and the Black Country, in England. It connects the M6 (Junction 4) at Birmingham to the M6 (Junction 11A) at Wolverhampton, with 27 miles (43 km) of three-lane motorway. This busiest section of the M6 was previously carrying up to 180,000 vehicles per day when it was designed to carry only 72,000.


The privately financed M6 Toll Motorway opened in December 2003. User charges are dependent on where motorists enter the toll road, class of vehicle and time of day. As 2011 daytime charges (06:00- 23:00) are;

  • Class 1 (e.g. motorbike) £3
  • Class 2 (e.g. car) £5.30
  • Class 3 (e.g. car & trailer) £8.60
  • Class 4 (e.g. van/coach) £9.60
  • Class 5 (e.g. HGV) £9.60

Exit/entry at some of the intermediate junctions away from the main toll booths entails a reduced toll, typically £1 less than the full fee. Tolls can be paid by one of four means: automated coin payments, payment at a staffed toll booth, automated credit/debit card payments or in advance via an’ M6 Toll Tag’ (electronic reader attached to windscreens using microchip technology, which offers users a 5% discount), although, not all methods are available at all toll gates.

Results & conclusions

  • On opening in the first full month (January 2004), 33,000 trips were recorded. Between March 2004 and March 2005 a growth rate of 16% was recorded, and in March 2007 a rise of approximately 37% was acheived.

  • Journey times using the M6 toll road are approximately 37 minutes faster than that on the M6 before the toll road opened

  • The accident rate on the new toll road is approximately half the UK national average for motorways

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