Intermodal Travel Information System in Styria from TRANSFER

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

The aim of the project TRANSFER is to create an as environment-friendly mobility by provision of easy and attractive interchange facilities from individual to public transport, the road user will be encouraged to economically and ecologically sound mobility behaviour.

Background & Objectives

Based on enormous, yearlong experiences in the area of traffic information and ticketing, a target-oriented, detailed analysis of specific user requirements will be conducted in focus groups, which will be incorporated in the specification and planning of the system.In parallel to the pilot operation an evaluation will be made.


The following progresses in easing intermodality will be the results of the project TRANSFER:Intermodal Travel Information System (static information) for the trips’ complete chain of mobility, covering a whole federal state, intermodal address-to-address-information, integrating individual transport, park&ride, public transport, bicycle and pedestrians.Intermodal Travel Information System (dynamic information) for the trips’ complete chain of mobility, will be realised by the integration of public transport real-time data (ITCS) and dynamic data of motorised individual transport from the online visualisation of the traffic situation.Parking - Park&Ride. The degree of utilisation of the parking space and the real-time departure times of public transport means will be displayed at a park&ride facility. The degree of utilisation of the parking space will be integrated into the dynamic travel information system. The parking on the street will be dealt with as well.Combined Ticketing and Booking.>There will be combined tickets for park&ride and public transport, which will also be available as season tickets. Transaction will also be available via internet and cell phones. A parking reservation will round up the functionality.Integration of aviation, the intermodal transport information system will be integrated into the info terminals at the airport.The Traffic Information Service Provider integrates the above mentioned services and provides an intermodal, dynamic travel information. Interferences in public and individual transport (real-time information) will also be considered. In co-operation with a cellular radio provider online-booking will be offered.The Intermodal Travel Information System is deveolped by:* FGM - Konsortiumsleiter* Steirische Verkehrsverbund GmbH* Grazer Stadtwerke AG - Verkehrsbetriebe* Grazer Parkraummanagement GmbH* Mentz Datenverarbeitung* Mobilkom Austria* Stadt Graz, Straßenamt* Technische Universität München


The Intermodal Travel Information System from Transfer is an styrianwide door-to-door information with several features. The integration of air, rail, public transport, bicycle, pedestrians and even individual transport with park&ride facilities has an eco-friendly approach.The success of this system is based on quality and the data integration of the different transport modes. The austrianwide expansion is until now in negotiation.
Volker Hoffmann
Volker Hoffmann
Volker Hoffmann
03 Dec 2008
29 Aug 2014