Intergrated access control strategy in Krakow/Poland

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

In the city centre of Krakow there are three different types of access zones currently in operation (A, B, C Zones). Krakow will enlarge and implement a new access regime for the B-Zone. Main objective of the measure is to implement all ideas of the former concepts and therefore reduce number of private cars, mainly transit traffic.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Objectives are the enlarging of the access-controlled areas, the achieving of an social consensus for integrated policy of scarce public space usage, the improving of public transport, the making the centre more attractive for non-motorised transport and the promoting of the policy about car mobility restrictions. Innovative are the integrated access control scheme, the concept of dividing the centre into sectors, the parking management scheme and the soft elimination of transit traffic.

The Measure

Krakow implemented a new access regime for the B-Zone. Main objective of this measure is to implement all ideas of the Project of changes of traffic rules in the city centre of Krakow". This included an updated parking management scheme. 300 on-street parking spaces within the 2nd ring road and close to commercial underground parking lots were eliminated. Within the measure there are research and technological development activities conducted regarding the planning of the extension of the traffic restricted zone, the developing of an updated parking management scheme, including research concerning the amount of parking spaces in the restricted area and the elimination of on-street parking spaces due to new underground parking lots and studies how to improve the control and enforcement of illegal parking>

Implementation Status

Conceptual project of new access control strategy. Main activities from the beginning of the Caravel Project, were focused on the creation of a conceptual project of traffic reorganization in the city centre. It meant adaption to current situation already existing plans and subcontracting new detailed project of the whole “C” zone. A wide consultation process and stakeholder involvement have taken place, in order to create a final detailed project of new rules of access in the city centre. Implementation of first changes in the city centre traffic scheme” - concerning access restrictions extension 2 main parts have been implemented within the project.


Due to big investments delays (like underground parking lots and Krakow Fast Tram), important changes in the city centre access regime has been postponed by authorities of Krakow. But they will be implemented in the next future, based on research work done under CARAVEL. Concerning the objective of liquidation of on-street parking spaces, it has been ca.300 places removed, and 2 public squares (Little Market Square and Plac Szczepanski) has been renewed and given back to the pedestrians and enabling to organize different events (like EMW 2008). First access controlled areas extension and PT conditions improvement - in the project it has been achieved only partly, in small scale.

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Tomasz Zwolinski
Tomasz Zwolinski
19 Jun 2009
02 Sep 2014