Inner city access restriction for susstainable mobility for inhabitants and tourists (Znojmo. Czech Republic)

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

To avoid too many cars inside the inner city of Znojmo the town leaders decided to resolve this problem by introducing an access restriction system. Every car has to pay toll approx. 1 euro/24h period entrance plus a parking fee.

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Znojmo is one of the oldest towns in the Czech Republic (known as a royal town since 1226). Many historical architecture styles and buildings are still well preserved in the centre of the town including town walls and towers and huge underground system. The purpose of this project was to reduce all vehicular traffic into the town centre.
Until recently the town centre with it's T-shaped streets called the "Golden Cross" were opened to all vehicles. This situation was becoming worse during the peak tourist season with too many cars inside the area and a relative shortage of parking places. The town leaders of Znojmo decided a couple of years ago to resolve this problem (





The town centre, it's historical town walls and entrance towers formed ideal boundaries for restricted entrance by cars. Two toll machines were installed nearby the original towers and every car has to pay toll approx. 1 euro/24h period entrance plus a parking fee. For habitants and entrepreneurs living or having premises inside the town centre an annual entrance ticket was issued. Several huge parking places were built up outside the town walls for visitors and inhabitants of Znojmo.





The results were astonishing. The volume of cars entering into the centre was immediately reduced dramatically. It is estimated that more than two thirds of drivers didn't drive to the centre of the town but decided, instead, to park outside this area and go to the centre on foot. Very rare historical buildings are better preserved and the underground passages which are built up to four stories deep don´t suffer from tremors. It was a significant contribution towards improving the environment and to partly solve the problems caused by the busy traffic through the centre of the town. This was drawn up in the Strategic Town Development Plan as Znojmo suffers badly from heavy traffic and a town by-pass is still under negotiation.




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