Horse patrolls (Serbia)

By News Editor / Updated: 03 Sep 2014

In Serbia, on territory of Belgrade and Nis, during October 2006, police officers have started patrolling by riding horses. Horses are irreplaceable help to policemen on public places, especially during big sport competitions. Using horses means fewer cars on streets, reduction of pollution, noise and less traffic jams. It is important to support this action which is the way to make Belgrade one of world metropolises whose public institutions, since many years ago, have used horses.

Background & Objectives

Using horse in police work has many priorities, especially on unapproachable places for police cars (like parks and other public places). For that reasons, horses have helped police in Belgrade for 60 years.


On Friday and Saturday two policemen patrol from Kalemegdan to Slavia during 3 hours (22.00 pm -1.00 pm). Young people during that time start going out and police have to bee on most visited places in the city.>Horses are irreplaceable help during public meeting which cause scuffles on inaccessible or pedestrian area of city. Despite of that, police court of Belgrade has only 22 horses. They get, for the first time equipment for marking policemen and horses.Horses started to patrol in the Nis after the end of training four policemen on polygon of horse club in Niska Banja.They are trained riding by colleagues from Belgrade where horse patrols exist for a long time, and they has been in use again since last year.


In Belgrade and, nowadays, Nis police has started using horse. Policeman on horse is not only able to do his job on every place in city, he is also improving environment. Planned number of horses is much bigger than it is calculated earlier, when the action had started. Marking equipment for horse, which is so important for traffic safety, is now part of police equipment.

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28 Jul 2009
03 Sep 2014