Grant incentive scheme to purchase eco-friendly commercial vehicles. Hong Kong. PR China

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In an attempt to improve roadside air quality in Hong Kong, commercial vehicle owners who replace their existing vehicles with more eco- friendly vehicles are to receive one-off grants.

Background & Objectives

Vehicles are the second largest air pollution source in Hong Kong, with diesel commercial vehicles the most polluting. Compared with their Euro IV counterparts, pre- Euro vehicles emit 30 times more respirable suspended particles (RSP) and 2 times more nitrogen oxides (NOx), whereas Euro I vehicles emit 15 times more RSP and 1.5 times more NOx.In order to attempt to improve air quality, the Hong Kong Government (Environmental Protection Department) has recently introduced (from 1st April, 2007) a time-limited one-off grant incentive scheme to vehicle owners to replace their pre-Euro and Euro I commercial vehicles with new more eco-friendly vehicles.


Vehicle owners who ‘scrap’ their pre- Euro and Euro I diesel commercial vehicles and replace them with new commercial vehicles complying with prevailing emission standards (Euro VI) will receive a one-off grant. Depending on vehicle types, the grants range from 78,000 HK $ (7,330 euro) to 1,350,000 HK$ (126,800 euro)>Under the scheme, pre-Euro vehicles are those first registered before 1st April, 1995 and for Euro I vehicles are those first registered between 1st April, 1995 and 31st March, 1997, for buses and goods vehicles over 4- tonnes, and between 1st April, 1995 and 30th September, 1998 for other diesel commercial vehicles


It is forecasted that if all pre-Euro and Euro I vehicles are replaced with Euro VI models significant improvements in roadside air quality would be realised, more specifically;
  • Vehicle emissions of RSP and NOx will reduce by 74% and 38% respectively
  • Territory-wide emissions of RSP and NOx will reduce by 18% and 10% respectively
Further details of the scheme is available at the Transport Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Government Special Administrative Region
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Michael Carreno
28 Aug 2007
29 Aug 2014