GingerBot - a timetable in the Internet communicator GaduGadu

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

An interactive timetable of MPK in Poznan is accessible through the popular Internet communicator (instant messenger) - GaduGadu.

Background & Objectives


After the success of the timetable accessible through the mobile phone (Ginger), it was decided to activate the timetable accessible though the Internet communicator. The target consumer group - youth - are the social group using the Internet communicator GaduGadu most often.




In the summer 2007 in Poznan GingerBot - the timetable accessible through the most popular with the youth Internet communicator - GaduGadu become activated. Information about the timetable is accessible at no charge. It doesn’t require any other application installation and using the program is accessible through chat windows. Authors of the program updated timetables according to changes.





The timetable accessible though the GaduGadu Internet communicator is being tested. The GingerBot enjoys the fine reputation among the users. It is possible that in the future real-time information will be available. The timetable is easy to reach through the standard Internet links and also a mobile phone, considering the fact that some mobile operators offer a mobile access to GaduGadu for a low, flat-rated charge.

The timetable accessible though the GaduGadu Internet communicator improves the image of public transport, especially among the youth. ‘A tram becomes trendy’.

More information under GaduGadu number: 3343663


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Michał Beim
Michał Beim
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10 Jan 2008
02 Sep 2014