Free connecting bus rides for railway passengers (Puszczykowo. suburbs of Pozna_. Poland)

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

Private bus operators in Puszczykowo, Poland offered railway passengers free rides from the train station to the City centre. The bus company incurs all costs because the Polish State Railways does not show any interest in cooperation.

Background & Objectives


In the Pozna? metropolitan area several transport companies operate. Every operator possesses its own separate ticket system, which reduces the attractivness of public transport. Moreover, in the 19th century Prussian authorities built - for strategic purposes - the railway stations a safe distance from cities. As a result, the railway does not play an important role in local transportation.




In October 2006 the bus operator from Puszczykowo - Eko-Rondo - initiated a pioneer solution: it offers free rides from the train station to the centre and to the district of Stare Puszczykowo. Passengers arriving at Puszczykowo (who possess arailway ticket to this town), can have a free ride. These special offers are valid for three time slots that match train arrival/departure times (at 7:00, 15:05 and 19:50).




Inhabitants' are pleased with this solution. It does not assure full integration, but it is an interesting example of building a bus company’s image, especially in a situation, where the Polish State Railways (PKP) show limited interest in integrating its services with different means of transport.

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Michał Beim
Michał Beim
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12 Oct 2007
02 Sep 2014