Free and accessible bike route information provided by SataSykkeli in the Pori region of Finland

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Cooperation between private sector companies with up to date technological knowledge and municipalities with an interest in encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport can lead to effective results. This kind of cooperation in the Pori region has produced a service aimed at cyclists that is both easy to use and attractive.

Background & Objectives

Municipalities in the Pori region, Prizztech Ltd and ESRI Finland decided to work together to work out how the latest technical innovations could be used in the development of cycling culture.

The joint planning process produced a web service called SataSykkeli and a mobile app MobiiliSykkeli. These services offer cyclists easily accessible information about bike routes in the region. Both services are free of charge.

The services were developed as part of a project aiming to develop mobile bicycle route maps within the Centre of Expertise Programme in Satakunta, partly funded by European Union Structural funds.


SataSykkeli is a map service which contains 50 new biking routes within 9 municipalities in the Pori region. Some of these new routes have been planned especially for families, others for lovers of culture, nature and attractive landscapes. The remaining routes are aimed at sports and exercise cycling. Users of the service can freely choose a route by indicating preferred route type, length and municipality. For example, the service could be asked to identify all available routes between 0-5 km which are suitable for families within the municipality of Pori. After choosing the route, the user can print a map showing the route.

Mobiilisykkeli is a similar service to Satasykkeli but it can also be used with mobile devices.>The user can use the same criteria for choosing the routes but the advantage is that users can see their own location using the GPS system. This reduces the risk of getting lost along the route.

The up to date GIS technology of ESRI Inc was used in the development and implementation of these services. The services were developed in cooperation with the city of Pori, Prizztech and ESRI Finland; the latter being responsible for the technical implementation of the service.


The both services are extremely user friendly and information is easy to find.
The user can examine the chosen route on a regular map, an aerial view or a topographical map.

MobiiliSykkeli is Finland’s first bike route application that can be accessed by mobile devices and contains pre-defined bike routes and GPS location. The use of technological innovations can have a significant role to play in the development of mobility related services that are both attractive and easy to use.

The services have been in use since Spring 2012. The feedback from users has been positive and people have already proposed new routes for inclusion in the future. Development of new features for the service will continue. In future the registered users of the service will be able to add comments and photos from the route. Information about interesting sites, attractions and good spots to take a break along the route will also be added.

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30 Oct 2012
29 Aug 2014