First minibus and midibus lines in Warsaw

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

In November 2007 the first small bus line was started in Warsaw, Poland. The line is meant for providing access to inhabitants who live remotely from the existing public transport network. The new minibus will provide access as well as fulfill a social function.

Background & Objectives

The city’s expansion causes deconcentration of population. Public transport service for remote areas are typically unprofitable. The lack of public transport in these outlying area has resulted in higher usage of cars, and in other cases has caused the poorest inhabitants to be socially excluded. A lot of inhabitants of Warsaw’s housing estates asked capital authorities for new bus lines in such residential areas.


Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (City Transport Management) in Warsaw choose the Mobilis Ltd. by tender. The company will be responsible for social lines service and aims to do this by using mini- and midibuses with a capacity for about 40-50 passengers. Rides will by realized with 50 new, short buses (30 Jelcz Libero vehicles, 9 m long - midi class and 20 Autosan Solina vehicles, 8 m long - mini class).>Despite its social function, the buses will provide a high standard: utilising new vehicles, equipped with low-floor, air conditioning, vocal announcement of bus stops, monitoring and radio communication with traffic controller on duty. Engines meet with EURO IV norm.The first line - no. 137 - goes to the housing estate on Dudziarska Street, which is separated from the city by woods and railway tracks. The current service operates every 80 minutes; this may be shortened in the future as ridership and finances allow..


Small buses definitely make public transport more accessible. However, the long gaps bewteen services does not invite people to leave their private cars at home and wait for the next bus. Authorities promise that inhabitants’ demand will be monitored. A passenger counting system will be installed in half the buses. On the basis of the system Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego will be able to check popularity of services and adjust timetables and route frequency.

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Michał Beim
Michał Beim
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02 Sep 2014