First cooperation in Denmark between a municipality and a private carsharingclub

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The project concerns the cooperation between a public workplace (The Municiplity of Koege) and the private carsharing club. Det Groenne Hus, Agency for Energy and Environment takes different actions to promote the carsharing idea whithin the municipality from summer 2006 until summer 2007.

Background & Objectives


In Denmark the carsharing clubs are usally runned by private people and they are nonprofit. The cars are therefore used primarely in weekends and evenings and have a strong culture concerning the common cars.

The aim of the project is twofold:


  • efficient use of common cars by cooperation between private and business users
  • promote carsharing as a means of sustainable mobility whithin the municipality


The objective of the acitivities is to get more users of the carsharing cars, to overcome the cultural barriers between business and private users and to end up whith recommendation to polticians to make transport a topic for agenda 21 actions.





The process is:
1) Introduce the idea of carsharing
2) Establishment of the service for the business users i.e. parking facilities, keys, professional membership.
3) Intruduce the system providing hotline help and information sessions
4) A short interview survey to identify the barriers but also the potentials between business and private users
5) Direct marketing campaign

Qualitative interview to identify the issues for marketing.
Implementation of the service starting with two cars
Direct marketing through intranet, information flyer and press activities to make a stronger identity of carsharing.

The project is carried out in the Municipality of Koege promoting a new partnership between private and proffesional users. The project was implemented within the EU-funded training program COMPETENCE








The interviews showed:



  • Lack of motivation to use carsharing cars instead of own car
  • Uncertainity about booking, parking
  • A feeling of lost time when booking, pick up and park compared to use ones own car.



General the idea is good but in practise it needs political and administrative initiatives. It needs good arguments and aproval. A marketing campaign must help to improve knowledge and arguments on the new service.

Lessons learnt
It is regarded differently to use carsharing on work than when you are private. If you want employees to use sustainable modes of transport it must not be an extra burden in any ways and it needs approval by the employer.



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