The first Austrian Mobility Centre in Graz

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In Graz the first Austrian Mobility Centre Mobil Zentral was established in 1997. The MZ offers mainly information and consultancy for public transport like tarrifs and timetables, but also reservation and sale of tickets. Furthermore other sustainable modes of transport like bicycle and pedelec rental or car sharing are within the offer of MZ.

Background & Objectives

The first Austrian Mobility Center was founded in 1997 with the aim to ease the getting of information, especially about public transport.
In addition, it is the aim of Mobil Zentral to provide information and services for other modes than public transport, e.g. carsharing, carpooling, ticket service and maps.
Another intention is the joining of forces of companies and institutions of one region thereby opening the possibility of saving money and providing a much better service - i.e.shorter waiting periods, longer opening hours, more information, additional services and this for the whole range of mobility.



Apart from free timetable and tariff information, MZ offers:

  • information and counselling concerning reductions, free fares and special trains or busses and an independent comparison of tariffs
  • Councelling for special offers made by the city, province and the Styrian Traffic Association (e.g. evening collective taxi, special exhibitions)
  • information and consultancy for alternatives to the private car
  • Sale of tickets and accessory
  • Planning of trips and excursions with public transport
  • Professional and effective handling of complaints
  • General and individual mobility consultancy e.g. travelling information for tourists or participants of congresses

The Mobility Centre is operative from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

In the long run this customer - oriented service in addition to the ecological benefit leads to a noticeable sales increase for PT companies.>Moreover the work of the mobility center contributes to reduce costs resulting from car traffic by changing travel behaviour. These reductions regard infrastructure costs as well as indirect costs caused by car traffic, such as accidents, noise, emissions.
In order to perform all this services 10 persons are now employed in the Mobility Centre. They received a special Mobility Consultant Training for this job by AMOR. Their training is continuously renewed in order to improve service and to integrate new services.



Since 2004 the staff of Mobil Zentral work in a joint office with the Graz public transport company and have about 200 m2 of office space, located at the most important changing stop of the city, which is used by over 100.000 persons every day. Mobil Zentral has 8 call center workstations with modern telephone equipment and 4 personal advisory counters.Meanwhile the number of customers coming directly into the office is up to 5000 per month, the number of calls is up to 4000 per month. Demand for information is continually rising and the customers are very satisfied with the service.
Mobil Zentral is run by Amor by order of the styrian transport association (Steirischer Verkehrsverbund) and financed by the city of Graz, the province of Styria and the styrian transport association. Since 2004 the ÖBB Postbus Ag is also a part of the financing body and also other transport companies make their contribution to that. In general this example shows the success story of a mobility center that is very well accepted by both, customers and financing partners.
At present the Mobiliy Center is working to build up a network of mobility centers in Styria. This will be completed by the end of March 2007.


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