Electronic timetable in Koszalin

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

Koszalin as a one of the first polish cities focused on the construction of passengers’ real-time information system.

Background & Objectives


MZK’s (MZK - Miejski Zak?ad Komunikacji Ltd. - City Transport Company) buses are not always punctual. Traffic jams, breakdowns etc. Cause delays or annulling of some services. It is very important for passengers that transport services are reliable. If a bus is not able to arrive on time, passengers want to be informed about this situation.




The system bought by MZK in Koszalin originates from Helsinki. It consists of a LCD monitor, a converter and a signal receiver. Information is sent on the strength of GSM network’s infrastructure using GPRS transmission. Polish monitors are equipped with anti-vandalism casing, provided by producer of casings for cash machines, which differentiate them from Finnish ones. The cost of one electronic timetable amount to 6 000 PLN (about 1,600 EUR). The price also includes software and service costs.

The electronic timetable displays the next bus service departing from the bus stop. Information includes: departure time, number of a line, the terminating bus stop’s name (a direction of a ride). The monitor also provides the name of the bus stop where the timetable is installed and the current time.

In August 2007, timetable information was put on display. The second phase was integrating the timetable with geo-localization of vehicles GPS system in an aim to announce current-time information. Two of the five ‘resistant to vandalism’ timetables were damaged in the first week by vandals.





Upon evaluation of the new system and it's benefits to passengers, further development of the timetable and 'vandal proofing' will follow.


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Michał Beim
Michał Beim
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15 Jan 2008
02 Sep 2014