Electronic Public Transport Ticket System in Vilnius (Lithuania)

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

In the end of year 2007 a new electronic monthly ticket system was introduced in Vilnius. The E-ticket cards are bought once in shops or newspaper stands and might be filled with an appropriate amount of money in various ways.

Background & Objectives

Vilnius has quite a well-developed public transportation system. Now Vilnius has 19 routes of trolleybuses and 67 routes of buses. At present the network of Vilnius public transport undergoes changes: routes are being prolonged, shortened, established new and then cancelled. Annually, on the average 17 routes get changed which accounts for 20% of the total number of routes.
259 trolleybuses and 252 buses transport more than 580,000 passengers every workday. On Saturday - 131 trolleybuses and 113 buses, on Sunday - 124 and 120 respectively.



A transition period of electronic monthly ticket for Vilnius public transport has been envisaged until August 2008. During this period both paper and electronic monthly tickets are valid on public transport. Since August 2008, only electronic monthly tickets will be sold. However paper tickets are still valid until the end of 2011.

From December 2007 until January 2008, an E-ticket card cost LTL 2 (0.58 EUR), in February-March - LTL 4 (1.15 EUR), in April-July - LTL 6 (1.73 EUR), and from August onwards - LTL 8 (2.31 EUR).
It is possible to buy an electronic card in shops and newspaper stands and replenish via Internet or in shopping centers.

The project for the design and implementation of the electronic ticket system is partially financed from the European Regional Development Fund which allocated the largest amount of funds - LTL 14 million (4.04 million EUR). The project, which will cost LTL 19.3 million (5.6 million EUR), is implemented in three Lithuanian cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda.



About 150,000 passengers each month buy a monthly ticket in Vilnius. Monthly tickets cost LTL 75 -110 while a single ride ticket for trolleybuses or buses costs LTL 2.00 if bought at newspaper stands and ticket costs LTL 2.50 (3.00 night ticket) if bought on the trolleybus/bus.

Students, elderly, and the disabled receive large discounts (up to 80%) on the tickets. It is also possible to buy a one-, three- or  ten-day ticket. Since August 2008 the one e-ticket can be used for both – single and monthly public transport ticket.

Further information at http://www.vilniusticket.lt



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