ElectroDrive Burgenland - electric vehicles in Austria

By News Editor / Updated: 22 May 2015

ElectroDrive Burgenland, a division of BEWAG, offers emission-free mobility suitable for daily use at a specified price a month. The main aim is to shift parts of individual motor car traffic to electric vehicle traffic in order to conserve ecological resources and to achieve climate change goals in the region.

Background & Objectives

Between 1990 and 2008, emissions of CO2 in the Burgenland region of Austria increased by 90.8%. With the help of a sustainable concept of mobility, dependence on importing of energy from abroad has decreased. Running costs of electric-vehicles are cheap and they help to protect the environment.

E-Mobility has a stake in the future because contrary to combustion engines, the potential of improvements to electric engines has not been exhausted.  With ElectroDrive, the people of Burgenland now enjoy the advantages of e-mobility and have a share in the reduction of emissions.  Since 2009, as a first for Austria, the concept of ElectroDrive has been implemented in Salzburg with the founding of a company named "The Mobility House".  Since 2010, BEWAG has been a partner of "The Mobility House".  They have been involved in the internationally reknowned project "Better Place" which is a provider of electric vehicle networks and services.



The concept of ElectroDrive Burgenland works in a similar way to a conventional mobile phone contract. For a monthly fixed price, customers of ElectroDrive Burgenland can lease or rent different electric vehicles. Because of the rental-system, there are no barriers of acquisitions-costs for customers. Additionally, people have the opportunity to buy electric vehicles. At the beginning, there were pedelecs, scooters and segways available but now the electric-vehicle armada of ElectroDrive Burgenland will be supplemented with electric cars as soon as they are ready for serial production.

People who are interested in vehicles supplied by ElectroDrive can get in contact via the free phone number 0800 / 888 9000 or via e-mail to electrodrive@bewag.at. Monthly prices start at 40.90 € for a Pedelec, 67.90 € for a scooter and 199.00 € for a segway. Customers can benefit from different service features.

10 ElectroDrive charging points have been installed at easily accessible communication centres in Burgenland where BEWAG’s customers can receive electricity from 100% renewable resources (wind power, biomass, sun power and from other sources) for free.   In addition, there are 176 charging points from different providers all over Burgenland.

At the moment BEWAG operates 15 vehicles, which are mainly used by employees for business purposes. In 2011, the number of vehicles will increase because of the KLIEN project, which will take place in Eisenstadt.



ElectroDrive Burgenland enables their customers to access easy and cheap sustainable e-mobility. The concept of electric vehicles, infrastructure and services is adaptive in numerous regions. BEWAG spent only 2 months on the planning phase for the project because the concept of ElectroDrive already existed. It took about 8 months from the first meeting until the first charging point was installed and opened. Within the first year, 18 electric vehicles (5 segways, 10 pedelecs and 3 scooters) were delivered to customers.

E-mobility in the Burgenland region has lasted and offers many different advantages attracting customers who range from those interested in buying to those who simply want to rent different vehicles.


Image source: Steve Haider / BEWAG

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